TGV INOUI Vers Bruxelles 9854. 08h52. We show you how to take the train from Bruxelles / Brussels to Marseille thanks to easy access to ticket, train, station and journey info. Train Saint-Raphaël Train Brussels Train Saint-Raphaël Brussels is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and … Youth passengers may not be older than 27. 08h38. Switch departure and arrival stations. Aix En Provence Tgv. Holders of a valid travel pass, Network Railcard or token for free transport on the Luxembourg rail network do not have to pay for the Luxembourg part of an international journey with conventional IC or local trains. Marseille. We usually find around 12 direct trains on the route from Brussels to Marseille every weekday. 50% discount for maximum 3 children (4 to 11 years old) who travel together with the holder of a valid Carte Liberté. Travel date or departure time in the past. From Disneyland, Lyon, Strasbourg, Marseilles, Avignon and more to Brussels. Week-end Bruxelles. Train timetables Geneva-Marseille Wednesday 6 January 2021 Train timetables Geneva-Marseille Wednesday 6 January 2021; Departure Arrival Duration Transporter; 06h14: 10h50: 04h36: TER, TGV: 1 correspondence Booking. Lyon Part Dieu. Certain functionalities may not work. Holders of a valid railpass for the Dutch rail network and holders of some types of NS season tickets (e.g. TGV 4528 (TGV 9834/5 Bruxelles Midi - Marseille St Charles) at Marcq on 10 January 2009 090110-03_C_B Quels sont les services proposés à bord ? Gare de Valence TGV (IATA: XHK) is a railway station in Valence, France which offers regular TGV services. Also known as the capital of Europe, Brussels is the perfect destination for your next city break! {"ticketLanguage":null,"showTicketLanguage":false,"listOfLanguages":null}. 12h10. Relation TGV 513 : Lyon -- Marseille -- Nice (3209287) (as stop) Relation TER 4 : Mandelieu/Grasse - Cannes - Nice - Ventimiglia ( 1057560 ) (as stop) Relation TER 6 : Marseille - Nice - … ["owguH{ymYtje@lbuFth~H~maBz`Yqgh@pl~QoqtKrfuCyiVxzoEzsd@pdzAmvfBrw\\ekK","ykatHmvwQxgwCrtn@z_fDjxq@","goakGmxe\\d}wBsbsB","goakGmxe\\mbfJaiM"] Departure station. Tarif TTC à partir de et par personne, pour un aller simple, en 2nde classe. de cocaïne - Ouest-France éditions locales . TER 96552. ","qsmCompFieldTravelerKey":"traveller","qsmCompFieldTravelersKey":"travellers","qsmCompFieldAndKey":" and ","currentNrFavTravellers":0,"maxNrFavTravellers":15,"allowedTotalNumberOfPassengers":[],"maxReductionCards":0,"reductionCardMustBeSelectedForEveryPassenger":false}, {"noDiscountCardSelected":"Select your discount card(s)","noTrainServiceSelected":null,"noEmpoyeeReductionSelected":null,"discountCardPlaceholder":"Choose a discount card","trainServicePlaceholder":null,"employeeReductionPlaceholder":null,"oneAdultValidationMessage":null,"emptyCountryList":"Country list empty"}. Marseille-Saint-Charles is the main railway station and intercity bus station of Marseille, France.It is the southern terminus of the Paris–Marseille railway and western terminus of the Marseille–Ventimiglia railway.. theoretical and practical aspects of ontology matching. 30 day and 7 day prices fluctuate based on demand and availability at the time of search. If you choose TGV, you'll be given a free workspace on some trains. What services are available on board? Lille Europe. ThePass members pay a membership fee entitling them to reduced fares and increased flexibility when travelling to certain Thalys destinations. For instance, with Prem’s tickets, you pay less when you book early. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember … The earlier you book the better, and the cheapest tickets we've found for trains from Brussels to Marseille are $89.93. We’ve sent you an email to activate your profile. 3 Best times for each journey: 35 minutes from Lille, 1h16 from Charles de Gaulle airport, 3h30 from Strasbourg, and 5h13 from Marseille. Display more. Large Families, Preferential Reimbursement or Military card), you also get 50% discount on the Belgian part of an international journey with InterCity or regional trains at Standard fare. At Rail Europe we believe in price transparency. La ligne est alors directe, et l'arrivée s'effectue à Bruxelles, à la gare du Midi. Alternatively, Brussels Airlines, Swiss and two other airlines fly from Brussels to Marseille twice daily. INTERCITÉS Marseille-Bruxelles TGV Marseille-Bruxelles Thalys Marseille-Bruxelles. The discount cards below are accepted on our website. ","displayCurrencySymbolBeforeValue":true}}, {"showPromoExpanded":false,"showPromoCollapsed":false,"rememberPriceFlexFilterSelection":false,"enableLastExecutedQuery":false,"enableLastExecutedQueryLight":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryLightDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaultingForIdenticalOd":false,"todayString":"07/01/2021","hour":8,"showSelectODStep":false,"isForBookingHorizon":false}, {"autoActivateNextStep":false,"isLeqEnabled":false,"isLeqDefaultingEnabled":false,"isLffTeaserEnabled":true,"isFirstStepOfFlow":false,"showCompactVersion":false,"bookingPage":"/EN/Booking/Tickets","enableCaptcha":true,"captchaSiteKey":"6Le7lzoUAAAAAOrEub3aPdbmWGGRYzGSkTOg68fI","captchaToken":null}, {"odCombinationData":[{"origins":["BEABC"],"destinations":["NLASC","FRPNO"]},{"origins":["NLASC","FRPNO"],"destinations":["BEABC"]},{"origins":["BEBMI"],"destinations":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"]},{"origins":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"],"destinations":["BEBMI"]}],"calendarLegend":"Lowest fare of the day for 1 adult"}, {"comfortClass":2,"disableComfortClass":false,"disableChangePreferences":false,"maxChange":0,"showChangePreferences":false}, {"originRCode":null,"destinationRCode":"FRMSC","viaRCode":"","disableOrigin":false,"originRCodeLimitations":null,"disableDestination":false,"destinationRCodeLimitations":null,"odCombinations":[],"topStations":["NLASC","BEBMI","GBSPX","FRPNO","DEKOH"],"generalStationInfo":[{"displayTitle":"Amsterdam CS (NL)","synonyms":"Central","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Amsterdam CS (NL) ( Central )","rCode":"NLASC"},{"displayTitle":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be)","synonyms":"Brussels","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be) ( Brussels )","rCode":"BEBMI"},{"displayTitle":"London St Pancras (Gb)","synonyms":"Eurostar","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"London St Pancras (Gb) ( Eurostar )","rCode":"GBSPX"},{"displayTitle":"Paris Nord (Fr)","synonyms":"","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Paris Nord (Fr)","rCode":"FRPNO"},{"displayTitle":"Köln Hbf (De)","synonyms":"Cologne, Koeln, Koln","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Köln Hbf (De) ( Cologne, Koeln, Koln )","rCode":"DEKOH"}],"isStationSwitchAllowed":true,"useStationToastMessages":true,"showViaStation":false,"enableRecentStations":true}, {"recentStationsToggle":"Recent searches","topStationsToggle":"Top destinations","clearRecentStations":"Clear recent stations","recentStationsLabel":"Your recent stations","topStationsLabel":"Our top destinations","extraInfoTitle":"More information","emptySearchResultInfo":"No matches for your search query. Travel update Covid-19: impact on your international train travel. 12h45. Booking on the day of travel is likely to be more expensive, so it is worth booking in advance if you can to save money. This card is valid in 1st and 2nd class throughout France and offers 45% discount on the Business Première fare or 60% discount on the Seconde fare (as well as 50% discount to a maximum of 3 accompanying children). Arrêtées près de Lille, deux passagères d?un train Bruxelles-Marseille cachaient 33 000 ? Confortable et écologique, le train vous permettra de vous déplacer facilement. ","qsmCompFieldOthersKey":"other travellers. Marseille St Charles. 5 board games: travel even when you're at home, Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM, Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM, You can cancel or change your bookings online, You can print out your tickets again at any time, You can store your details and travel preferences and save time with each new booking. "}, {"outboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"07/01/2021","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"inboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"07/01/2021","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"datePlaceholderDepart":"Depart on","datePlaceholderReturn":"Return"}, {"allowedPassengerTypes":[{"code":"S","key":"MF_Single_Senior","label":"Senior (60+)"},{"code":"A","key":"MF_Single_Adult","label":"Adult (26-59)"},{"code":"Y","key":"MF_Single_Youth15to25","label":"Youth (15-25)"},{"code":"12","key":"MF_Single_Youth12to14","label":"Youth (12-14)"},{"code":"6","key":"MF_Single_Kid6to11","label":"Child (6-11)"},{"code":"4","key":"MF_Single_Kid4to5","label":"Child (4-5)"},{"code":"0","key":"MF_Single_Kid0to3","label":"Child (0-3)"}],"allowedReductionCards":[{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"NMBS_50%","label":"50% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GBA","label":"100% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"VDU","label":"40% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GNA","label":"100% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GLA","label":"100% discount Luxembourg (CFL)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS BU","label":"Frequent Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS PR","label":"Premium Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"251","label":"Bahncard 25 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"252","label":"Bahncard 25 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"501","label":"Bahncard 50 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"502","label":"Bahncard 50 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAF","label":"Carte Avantage Famille (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAJ","label":"Carte Avantage Jeune (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAS","label":"Carte Avantage Senior (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAW","label":"Carte Avantage Weekend (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLB","label":"Carte Liberté (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLE","label":"Carte Liberté - Enfant (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAA","label":"Carte Avantage - adult companion (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAE","label":"Carte Avantage - child companion (SNCF)"}],"allowedEmployeeReductions":[],"allowedTrainServices":[],"allowMoreThanMaxPassengers":true,"defaultNumberOfPassengers":1,"minimumNumberOfPassengers":1,"maximumNumberOfPassengers":9,"defaultPassengerType":"A","allowDelete":true,"passengers":[{"passengerType":"A","passengerId":null,"favoriteId":null,"isAccountOwner":false,"ignoreExtraData":false,"firstName":null,"lastName":null,"ftpCards":null,"reductionCards":null,"employeeReduction":null,"trainService":null}],"employeeReductionMustBeSelectedForEveryPassenger":false,"defaultFtpCards":[{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308406","cardType":1,"translatedName":"Thalys loyalty card","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"My Thalys World"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308381","cardType":0,"translatedName":"Eurostar loyalty card:","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Club Eurostar"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"290901","cardType":2,"translatedName":"Grand Voyageur","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Carte Grand Voyageur"}],"qsmCompFieldOtherKey":"other traveller. No response within the expected time limit, {"domains":["","","","",""],"didYouMeanPrefix":"Did you mean","didYouMeanSuffix":"? Week … TGV inOui operates a train from Marseille St Charles to Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi 3 times a day. 08h22. Tgv Haute Picardie. The cheapest price is the lowest fare we've ever found for this journey. Journey Time. Il en va de même pour le dernier train qui démarre tous les jours vers vers 12h15. Correspondence 01h10 min. Train Marseille Train Valence TGV Train Marseille Valence TGV is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! Opening hours: Did you book your train tickets at SNCB International, either online, through our app or via our contact centre? Dienstregeling Brussel-Marseille vrijdag 25 december 2020; Vertrektijd Aankomst Tijdsduur Vervoerder; 07h02: 12h23: 05h21: TGV INOUI vers Bruxelles Direct trains from Brussels to Marseille have been found. Share. SNCF, Thalys and TGV trains from Brussels Midi to Marseille You can travel from Brussels Midi to Marseille on SNCF, Thalys and TGV trains. There are frequent services on the rail route between Brussels and Marseille. The 'First name' field can contain maximum 15 characters. What companies run services between Marseille, France and Brussels, Belgium? Children under 4 years old travel free without seat reservation. Discount for maximum 1 adult passenger who travels together with the holder of a valid Avantage Famille or Avantage Weekend card. Gare d'arrivée. Rail Europe uses JavaScript to bring you the best experience. Juni 2012 im Brüsseler Südbahnhof (Bruxelles-Midi) auf Abfahrt. Read more about child and youth passenger ages. Consultez en temps réel les horaires de nos trains Des suggestions sont disponibles, parcourez la liste avec les flèches de navigation Bas et Haut. 07h13. It opened on 8 January 1848, having been built for the Chemins de fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée (PLM) on the land of the former Saint Charles Cemetery. Standard class has access to a buffet car and dedicated family areas. 14h50 . Secure payment with the following payment methods: Your travel date or departure time cannot be in the past. Avignon Tgv. Tickets cost 50€ - … Actualités. Thalys. Where, when and how made simple. Buy train and bus tickets for UK and Europe - the easy way. On weekdays the earliest direct train to Marseille is usually scheduled to depart Brussels around 06:09 and the last train is around 12:59. It takes an average of 8h 21m to travel from Brussels to Marseille by train, over a distance of around 524 miles (843 km). If booking is not yet open for your dates then you can set a booking alert to receive an email on the day that the cheapest tickets are released for your journey from Brussels to Marseille by train. TGV inOui operates a train from Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi to Marseille St Charles twice daily. Tips for choosing 1st or 2nd class. We use real data from Rail Europe searches to estimate the cheapest fares you should be able to find for your journey. When you search for times and tickets, we might also show you some other options with multiple connections or operators if they’re available. is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! TGV 4524 nach Marseille Saint-Charles wartet am 2. Durée moyenne d’un trajet. Aix-en-Provence TGV is a high-speed railway station located in Cabriès, Bouches-du-Rhône, southern France.The station was opened in 2001 and is located on the LGV Méditerranée.The train services are operated by SNCF.It serves the city of Aix-en-Provence, 15 km north-east of the station, Vitrolles, northern Marseille, 20 km south of the station and the Marseille Provence Airport menu. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. More than one train company operates on the route from Brussels to Marseille, so you’ll be travelling with one or more of the following rail operators: You can check which train you’ll be travelling on by looking for the train name in search results. Horaires train Bruxelles-Marseille Vendredi 13 novembre 2020; Départ Arrivée Durée Transport; 08h17: 15h09: 06h52: TGV INOUI vers Bruxelles, TGV: 1 correspondance Booking. This discount card offers 30% discount to the card holder and to one fellow traveller, as well as 60% discount to a maximum of 3 accompanying children. Buy tickets from Brussels to Marseille in one transaction. Cookies are disabled in this browser. Tickets cost 150€ - 210€ and the journey takes 5h 50m. Easy to use website and apps rated excellent on Trustpilot, multi-currency bookings and human customer support. See also youth discounts and railcards. A first-class ticket for Thalys from Brussels to Marseille provides you with on-board meals included, wider seats with more legroom, newspapers in the language of both departure and arrival stations and other benefits. Marne La Vallee Chessy. 162 € (1) Pour effectuer le voyage de Bruxelles à Marseille, de nombreuses options vous sont envisageables ! 1949 wurde auch dieser Bahnhof einschließlich des Bahnhofsgebäudes abgerissen und … Trains departing 30 days in advance will cost around $222 while booking 7 days in advance the price is around $135. To simplify the reading of SNCF prices train tickets from Marseille to Brussels, we studied the different prices depending on the class and type of SNCF tickets. SNCF and TGV trains from Brussels Midi to Marseille St-Charles You can travel from Brussels Midi to Marseille St-Charles on SNCF and TGV trains. The TGV services all stop at Aeroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle TGV, Lyon Part Dieu and Avignon TGV. You have entered an invalid date of birth. This discount card for travellers of 60 years and over offers a 30% discount on TGV and Intercités journeys in France and in Europe. By Train from Marseille (France) to Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium) Journey Summary. With over 1000 travel companies on Omio, you can find the best train times and tickets for your trip. The summer-season Thalys services on this route run non-stop from Brussels to Valence and then stop twice more on their journey to Marseille. Suggestions are available, browse the list with the cursor keys from top to bottom.

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