It is however not alone in this regard so in comparison with the peer group of current offerings it's still a great fragrance. It gives an aura of a crisp arrangement of tobacco and cedar, with the woody aromatics elevating this pleasantly to a league of its own. the opening has a scent reminiscent of hot sauce that quickly fades, not like the base of hot sauce but it has a spiciness, but that smell is gone after a minute, and what you get is a kind of spicy soapiness...then to come on here and find the notes are sandalwood and lavender...those are definitely the 2 prominent players make this a sort of a classic barbershop like scent. I'm 28, and It just reminds me of my dad when I sampled it. This scent is a true classic. It has now been discontinued or vaulted as Creed will say. Bois du Portugal is a masculine fragrance by Creed. I guess this is what makes perfume stand the test of time. And somehow absorbed all the scent of some dark colored, clean + old worn out wood. This is to die for and everyone that smells your clothes at this point will probably swoon. Pinhal da Marina offers a large choice of apartments from studios to three-bedroom units for the whole family. Made with a simple composition of ingredients, yet the scent doesn't smell simple at all. This is a scent you reach for when you want to wear something that smells old, but in a classic way which is why it is best suited for formal or dressed up occasions, preferably in the colder months. But the way this scent changes is amazing, the Houdini of the fragrance world. I've received compliments like crazy and people want to know what it is. To me this scent is mature 40's and up. This is a great one. Bois Du Portugal es un perfume excesivamente conservador y formal pero esto no quiere decir que sea malo, hoy en día sucede mucho en la mayoría de las personas que una fragancia cuando es sería y formal es sinónimo de viejo, caducado y aburrido, y esto me parece un error garrafal pues la perfumería moderna no es que sea precisamente buena en mi opinión ya que casi todas las fragancias que lanzan incluso las grandes casas de perfumería que han lanzado perfumes legendarios como son Chanel y Guerlain hoy en día han declinado y se han sumado a la creación de fragancias genéricas. Projection is average but longevity is quite impressive, giving this a solid rating when it comes to performance. It's energizing, masculine, citrusy, green, woody. It's a very clean woody perfume that lasts 12 hours on my skin. In this phase BDP is dry, assertive and by all means masculine but, at the same time it's surrounded by a strong deja-vu feel that keeps going on and on and on...The fragrance evolves then into a sort of pwdery-woody oriental drydown that's even more conventional and unoriginal. Just keep in mind that it definitely brings to mind the image of an uptight dandy. Depends for me. Great juice - woody, spicy, hint of booze. En resumen y en mi humilde opinión Bois Du Portugal es un perfume obra maestra de la simplicidad y equilibrio de ingredientes y obra maestra de la verdadera elegancia. It is for older man for sure. However, the cedar in Bois du Portugal melds well with the sandalwood, which is dense and creamy. I did not see that coming from Creed. Bois du Portugal, at least on me, has more neroli up top and isn't as "dandified" as either of those fragrances; it's more on the woody-spicy side. I have an older bottle of this and it performs amazingly, I hope that the new batches are similar in performance. Why moderate sillage ? BdP is not powdery, but "dusty". Locate the correct postal codes for Portugal in the list above by clicking the destination region you are sending to. Aromatic, rounded, sparkling, juicy, elegant... all these things. It is my favourite Creed now. This is a beastmode fragrance with an old time Fougere scent. The sweetness comes off very natural from the sandalwood and the citrus adds a touch of tartness. Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. This is official. I get sophisticated older mediterranean gentleman. Feuillage: Persistant. I only have a sample of this right now, but when that sample is used up, then I'll definitely be buying a bottle. Excellent vetiver and lavender scent. If Lions could wear fragrances they'll wear BDP. Even if you don't end up liking the fragrance, you will definitely be able to flip it for a good profit in a year. Mar 17, 2019 - Nazaré avec ses plus grosses vagues pour faire du surf ! Argentina. Creed really outdid themselves with this masterpiece. Beautiful, smells of nothing so much fresh mountain air after a rainstorm, mixed with freshly chopped firewood...I love creed's fragranced, just not the pricetags. Creed Bois du Portugal in the 'DRY' summer? It's a unique scent and while certainly not modern it is not so easily or obviously dated either, woody masculine but not cliche - conservative but not derivative. Type de sol: Tous. a classic spicy/ woody concoction , old school scent some batches are more powdery then of my favs from Creed, maybe my number one, a pure distillation of male classiness.....Sinatra at Sands 1982....for grown ups, all purpose scent! The bergamont and lavender touch in this is pefect as well. Bois du Portugal is extremely elegant and classy. Le plan de surveillance est le produit d'une réglementation européenne et nationale évoluant au fil du temps. From the little things I remember it wasn't Creed - yeah I'm 100% sure cause there was no Creed here in Poland when he was still alive. Cette essence de pin pure gemme du Portugal vous garantit, de part sa provenance, la proportion la plus faible de terpène sensibilisant Delta-3-carène. I'm sure some people out there will feel the same.. but it's more of a personal / family thing. (notes: you detect vetiver, bergamot, woodsy tones and a host of other notes). Solid fragrance albeit pricey. A voir absolument ! Online right now: 1791, Fragrantica in your language: Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. Sampled this again from the Creed Boutique here in NYC. It's not something I'd wear everyday for every occasion, but it is one that I find myself frequently reaching for when heading into the office. Creed hit a home run with this one in my opinion. Fresh, citrusy, green, earthy, woody. If you imagine how a classy and yet sexy "daddy" would smell like, it would be it. The juice in the 120 ml bottle smells much more sophisticated and thicker. The women in my life, wife, daughters, co-workers and friends...will literally take a deep inhale when near me and close their eyes and sigh. This is one very capable man. Yes, it's quite similar, but a shell of its former self. Nicely balanced notes of lavender and woods. This is a man's scent. The drydown also kind of reminds me of Lalique White (lemon-pepper-woods type accord). This is a classic for sure. And yes, I also realise that all the crap "colognes" try to copy the big boys like Creed. Creed Original Santal vs Bois Du Portugal for a young guy? Bracing bergamot at the top, leading into a pronounced lavender followed by a base dominated by smoky vetiver and ambergris. Holiday apartments in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal. Dolcemente speziato. This is not a review of notes. This cologne truly smells masculine and the composition is very mature, very grounded and reassuring, fitting a mature man over 35 (in other words its not for boys!. This is just a masterfully crafted fragrance that anyone can wear, and nobody should feel discouraged from doing so. I wear it and for half an hour everybody in the car is like "Open the windows, i am dying". Sample first and decide. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. It's very old-fashioned and masculine. What's not to love? The Portuguese postal code (código postal) is formed by four digits, a hyphen, then three digits, followed by a postal location of up to 25 characters in capitals.. Avenida Marconi 4C 1000-260 Lisboa. Voir aussi : Distillat d'agrumes Such a fantastic fragrance. Quiet and calm. It opens with a well-blended combination of bergamot, lavender, and spice. EUR 100 and the delivery on me. Possibly the king of the house of Creed. l'Association Culturelle Portugaise De Nantes pin-sec et sont groupe Folcklorique "Les Étoiles du Portugal" a Été fondés en 1988 A Nantes BdP sparkles with refinement, so soft, so elegant, so classy. I remember this being much better than it is now although I have been out of the fragrance "world" for quite some time. Depuis l’aéroport de Lisbonne, il faut rouler jusqu’à Setubal pour prendre le ferry qui navigue sur l’estuaire du Sado, en … The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed. The scent was launched in 1987 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon, *This is a review of vintage Bois du Portugal. Similar to Dior's Eau Sauvage, Parfums de Nicolai New York, and fragrances of that like. Perfumes: 63236 It's the best woody fragrance I've came across so far and think it will be hard to beat. As the hours pass, the bergamot eases off and the woody notes come to the forefront. Just because similar notes are used does not mean it smells the same. Learn how to create your own. It is incredibly serious, and as someone else mentioned, very linear. At first I was on the fence, but then it started to grow on me. But they are too heavy, too imposing, too domineering. The ViaMichelin map of Portugal: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. It's got that old fashioned vibe of a men's scent, but very refined and with a ton of class and very suave. EXACTLY like my Grandfather's cologne. VERY classy and those that describe this one as an "old man's" fragrance are no doubt millenials whose tastes are still in their infancy.I won't bother to list the notes as everyone knows what they are. introduit le nématode du pin. I don’t really care about compliments when I wear fragrance, I care about what I feel when I am wearing a fragrance. I finally decided to acquire the 8.4 oz edition and I have not been disappointed. This effect I could do without, but I wonder if it is possible to do this kind of fragrance without beeing either powdery or dusty. Richiami orientali. It came out in 1987 so it was probably Jon Claude Van Dammes favorite! The millesime designation means that the best crops from a particular year’s harvest were used in the creation of that particular bottle of CREED fragrance. But even greater for those who can wear it. Creed is one of my favorite houses . I love the smell, but I am unimpressed with the performance. For me this is the standout of the Creed line, i dislike all other offerings. Knowing that it's lavender confused me. If you want to save on costs, I think this one is very similar to Acqua Di Parma Colonia Sandalo. Warm, woody, classical and elegant. I have a 75ml bottle so not the latest formulation. This scent seems to appeal to a micro nitch community; for which the effort and the price point does not justify. Just received a 250 ml flacon from 1987 original release. I'm surprised it's known as a "woody oriental". This map was created by a user. And this is the best I think I would say. I was contemplating getting Bois du Portugal as it was the only unit that I know of in my country and available from the same supplier where I bought my Aventus bottles from.