Bus travel and environment. Travel environmentally-friendly. The journey by train between Paris - Zurich lasts 05h20 on average. The total distance represents the road distance in km or miles between Lausanne and Lyon. Switzerland Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Switzerland. From city centre to city centre, TGV Lyria provides the fastest and most comfortable transportation from Paris to Lausanne. Trip Troyes » Lausanne Distance: 375.2 kilometers × Map. It takes an average of 7h 32m to travel from Paris Gare de Lyon to Lausanne by train, over a distance of around 255 miles (410 km). He more than made up for it in Lausanne, however, soaring to victory in 12.95 to pick up eight points … Here's the quick answer if you have a private jet and you can fly in the fastest possible straight line. Distance: 256.38 mi (412.60 km) The shortest distance (air line) between Lausanne and Paris is 256.38 mi (412.60 km). Airports Near Luxembourg, LU. customize this trip. The distance between Lausanne and Paris by plane is 255 miles (412 km). We offer multiple trips between Paris and Lausanne. Corona Virus Outbreak: Latest information on CoronaVirus ... Boudry Switzerland to Paris France 250.21 mi - 402.67 km: Boudry Switzerland to Brussels Belgium 293.11 mi - 471.71 km: Boudry Switzerland to Cardiff Wales 357.45 mi - 575.26 km: Boudry … Travel environmentally-friendly . If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Geneva to Basel, It takes 0.21 hours to arrive. Physical distance requirement: 2 metre (s) (7 feet) Face mask required: Mandatory; If you are travelling by train from Paris to Lausanne, don't forget to wear a face mask, maintain social distance from others where possible, wash your hands regularly, and use hand sanitizer during your journey to keep yourself and … As for the last train, it leaves Paris … The high-speed Paris <> Lausanne line was actually the first link between France and Switzerland! 413 km apart, Lausanne is only 3 hours and 41 minutes from Paris Gare de Lyon thanks to TGV Lyria, which covers this distance at a speed of 320 km/h. Find all the current information about our services and network. [Note: The distance between cities in Switzerland distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between … Compare all companies and find the cheapest price. It ends in Lausanne, Switzerland. DRIVING DISTANCE FLYING TIME COST PLACES. Show Map. Facebook Twitter. Fast trains from Paris to Lausanne take around 3 hours and 40 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 414 kilometres. Take the train from Paris to Zurich at 07h22. Our efficient coaches are proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger-mile. There are frequent services on the rail route between Paris and Lausanne. Genève 188 Kilometer. 11:00 am start in Paris … Airports Near Lausanne… Initially this is displayed in km but you can always change it using the settings (by selecting the distance in miles or the distance in km): Average speed The average speed for the route Paris - Lausanne … Travelling from Paris to Lausanne by train. . Close. These trains also serve the stations of Dijon, Dole, Frasne and Vallorbe. For specific prices please select your desired departure and arrival times. Close. Largest bus network in Europe. Dijon <> Lausanne TGV Lyria offers up to 5 return services a day between Dijon and Lausanne… Direct trains from Paris to Lausanne … There was agony for Sergey Shubenkov in Paris as he entered the decider in the 110m hurdles the clear favourite to take eight points, only to be disqualified for a false start and head home empty-handed. Recent updates! Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Paris to Lausanne. Daily direct trains from Paris Gare De Lyon take three hours and 40 minutes to reach Lausanne… Note that road work and other factors can affect this estimate. Departure point Route summary Viaducts, bridges Arrival point Dangerous area Tunnels Map routes Security alert Crossing nearby Book online and save! According to your needs, you can choose one of the 13 trains which run the trip Paris - Zurich daily. ViaMichelin vous accompagne dans la détermination du meilleur itinéraire pour vous au travers de différentes options et vous propose par défaut 2 à 3 itinéraires dont le coût, la distance et le temps … When you search for Swiss tickets between Lausanne and Paris in the Omio app, you can also check whether they are mobile tickets quickly and … Our efficient coaches are proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger-kilometer. Luxembourg-Findel International Airport Luxembourg (LUX) 6.1 km/3.8 miles. Is there a bus from Paris to Lausanne? Distances from Paris to Lausanne are a rough measure only showing the shortest distance … Distance from Paris to Geneva is 411 kilometers. We're back! If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Paris to Geneva, It takes 0.46 hours to arrive. Check here. Notre Dame de Paris This page is prepared to answer your question about "what is the distance between Luxembourg and Lausanne?". Winterthur 92 Kilometer. Below is the total distance from Troyes to Lausanne in other units of length. There are 4 to 5 return services between Paris and Lausanne, with a journey time of 3 hours and 40 minutes. Close. Distance from Lausanne to Zurich 174 km, to Geneve 51 km, to Basel 136 km. Distance : 467km : Direct trains: Yes: First train Paris: 07h07: Last train Paris: 20h59: First train Lausanne: 04h51: Last train Lausanne: 23h15: Trains per day: 5. If you're planning a road trip to Lausanne, you can research locations to stop along the way. ViaMichelin will help you to determine the best route based on various options and, by default, offer two to three routes with varying costs, distances and journey times. Zürich 81 Kilometer . Choose from over 2,500 travel … Day 1. The total driving distance from Paris, France to Lausanne, Switzerland is 322 miles or 518 kilometers. Lausanne Distances. The driving time from Paris, France to Lausanne, Switzerland is: 5 hours, 35 minutes. ViaMichelin vous indique la distance exacte à parcourir entre Paris et Lausanne, en fonction de l’itinéraire emprunté. If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving time from Paris, France to Lausanne, Switzerland so you can see … Paris - Lausanne. Distance: How far is it from Basel to Lausanne? Your trip begins in Paris, France. ViaMichelin shows the exact distance between Paris and Lausanne, based on the route selected. The number of Diamond Discipline events is 32, and the dual-meet final format was … Initially this is displayed in km but you can always change it using the settings (by selecting the distance in miles or the distance in km): . Bus from Lausanne to Paris Orly Airport. Paris - Lausanne. Paris to Nice in 5h45 from €25... TGV Duplex high-speed trains link Paris with Nice in as little as 5h45, centre to centre from as little as €25. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Paris and Geneva is 411 km= 255 miles. Flight distance: 258 miles or 416 km Flight time: 1 hour, 1 minute Compare this to a whole day of commercial travel with the airports and waiting in line for security, which ends up taking a … Your TGV Lyria leaves Paris Gare de Lyon in the 12th district in the eastern part of Paris. Miles: 233.1: Meters: 375208: Feet: 1230997.4: Distance … Distance from Lausanne to cities are listed below, also there are 7 sub cities within Lausanne, click on the city name to find distance between. Walk Lausanne Lausanne Suburbs Lausanne Island Closest City Lausanne Distance, Lausanne Attractions Closest Airport Lausanne Nearest heritage site: Mogao Caves-- 6703.41 km Ted's AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles': 550,794 Road distance Lausanne Lyon. What is the distance from Boudry Switzerland to Lausanne Switzerland? The driving time is approx. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, Geneva is located on Europe's largest Alpine lake in the west of Switzerland. Distance from Sion Switzerland to Lausanne Switzerland with Google Maps & Towns near Lausanne Switzerland ... Sion Switzerland to Paris France 301.03 mi - 484.46 km: Sion Switzerland to Ljubljana Slovenia 342.69 mi - 551.51 km: Sion Switzerland to Brussels Belgium 349.04 mi - 561.73 km: Sion Switzerland to … Would you like an early departure? The calculated distance (air line) between Basel and Lausanne is approximately 85 Miles respectively 136 Kilometer. Some routes (e.g. Distance, cost (tolls, fuel, cost per passenger) and journey time, based on traffic conditions Lausanne Paris route planner. Distance between Paris & Lausanne: 254 miles: Direct connections: Yes: Environmentally-friendly bus travel: Yes: FAQ. How much is a bus ticket from Paris to Lausanne? Driving route: -- (- ) The shortest route between Lausanne and Paris is according to the route planner. Paris … Trains from Paris to Lausanne. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the most talked about places recommended by Trippy members. Check our network updates. The 2021 Diamond League is the twelfth season of the annual series of outdoor track and field meetings, organised by World Athletics.The competition marked the first major revision to the top level athletics series since its foundation in 2010. Half of the trip is reached in . Average speed Check updates. The total distance represents the road distance in km or miles between Paris and Lausanne. Distance Information. Bern 68 Kilometer. This air travel distance is equal to 255 miles. Paris. Approx distance in miles from Paris to Lausanne is 256 miles or 411.9 KMS . Flight route: 248.14 mi (399.34 … Book a train ticket from Paris to Geneva on OUI.sncf to browse the boutiques and sample the famous … The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Geneva and Basel is 186 km= 116 miles. Bus travel and environment. Basel: Distance to the largest cities of Switzerland. Are there direct trains from Paris to Lausanne? With flying taking 4 stressful & disjointed hours of grotty RER train to the airport, check-in, boarding, flight, airport, luggage reclaim and cramped bus, the clever money chills out on … Road distance Paris Lausanne. Sankt … View a map with the drive time between Paris, France and Lausanne, Switzerland to plan the duration of your next road trip. From: City: Check-in: Check-out: Get: SEARCH: Powered … Below you can also find other distances from Luxembourg or from Lausanne to other locations. A popular route with business travelers, direct trains to Lausanne from Paris also offer a convenient and quick connection for vacationers planning a scenic city break in Switzerland. Arrive on time. There are normally 18 trains per day travelling from Paris Gare de Lyon to Lausanne and tickets for this journey start from €29 when you book in advance. We’ll get you there in comfort … You alight at Lausanne … Map of Paris area hotels: Locate Paris hotels on a map based on popularity, price, or availability, and see Tripadvisor reviews, photos, and deals. The above is the distance that you can expect to travel to your destinaton. 1. Lausanne city is located in Switzerland at the 46.516, 6.6328 coordinates. more Airports Near Luxembourg, LU. Paris: Trains arrive in:Lausanne: Distance:413: km. Train company: TGV: Station Paris : Paris Gare de Lyon: Station Lausanne: Lausanne *TGV = 3 months (tickets for the summer are available from … This page was designed to give you a good indication of the distance from Paris to Lausanne. Distance Calculated from Paris in France to Lausanne in Switzerland. What time is the first and last train from Paris to Zurich? How far is Lausanne from Paris? You can book tickets for this Swiss flight for as low as $88 (€88) one-way if you book in advance. This air travel distance is equal to 116 miles.