Restart your modem and see if the issue is resolved as sometimes the network might have experienced some technical issues which can only be overcome by restarting your modem. If you’re having WiFi or wireless connection just fine, but the Internet isn’t working or you’re only with limited connectivity, you’re not alone. The (wired, we don't have wifi internally to test) network connection shows a yellow exclamation mark with "no internet access" next to it. Dell Optiplex with Windows 10 pro. Today I found a weird issue in my Home PC. Method 1: Restart your modem or router. But no worries, it’s possible to fix. I'm using the pihole to serve the DNS and again that seems to have been working with no issues. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem as well. Same issue "No Internet access", yet the internet works fine. However, users can surf the Internet with a web browser and viee web pages without any problems. [SOLVED] Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet on Windows 10. Here are some effective solutions for you to try. I have literally spent half a day searching the internet and trying everything I could. Hi, Thanks for your reply. If the WiFi is connected across all your devices and still there is no internet connection, there might be a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Windows 10 showing no internet access but I am connected to the internet I've had my pihole set up and working fine for the last few weeks. But, there are times when there’s no clear indication that you don’t have Internet access. I found a single post by a user who stated that Office requires Network Location Awareness to be … But not only annoying, it stops O365 products, they report no connection so are not available properly. Windows network icon in the taskbar have a globe and X mark with mesage "no internet access" and other windows features says I have no Internet (Outlook for example) but ping is fine, internet is fine, I can even open any webpage in my browsers. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. No luck. Windows 10: Connected to WiFi, No Internet Fix. WiFi Connected but No Internet on All Devices 1. According to numerous forum posts, the latest irksome bug prevents Windows 10 apps from accessing the internet even when the PC is successfully connected and your web browser is working just fine. Updated to 1903 in an attempt to fix. Strange behavior: Windows 10 reports, that no Internet connection is available. Network icon says No internet access Yesterday, I changed my search query from "Windows 10 thinks it has no internet connection" to "Office 365 thinks it has no internet connection". When you come across those times, the following tips should help you get online again and make the issue a thing of the past. I'd leave it be, except MS apps really think the user is offline. This is cosmetic, there is connectivity. Checking Whether Your Internet Service Provider has an Issue. Based on my research "NCSI taskbar icon may report "no internet" on Windows 10 2004 devices that DO have internet access" is a known issue, for more information, please kindly refer to the following link: Also read: How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Problem. This happens whether from an image, or from the HP build. As Windows 10 problems go, this is a minor one. Update fixes Windows 10 bug that ruins your internet connection ... when applications use Windows APIs to check for internet connectivity and the network icon incorrectly displays “No internet access” in the notification area. Despite Windows 10 informing users that their internet connection is down, it does in fact exactly as it should.