It was pretty much flat cycling. Le tracce GPS dell'itinerario cicloturistico Eurovelo 8, la rotta del Mediterraneo tra Cadiz in Spagna e Atene in Grecia As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Lunga 5.900 chilometri, unisce Cadice in Spagna a Limassol a Cipro. a Vittorio Veneto (TV). Salvo introduced himself and let me in, showed me where to stick my stuff, and invited me up to share in their delicious lunch. And you only ‘cheat’ if you break rules you decide are worth sticking to. After that it disintegrated into a soggy dirt track, and then ended entirely, putting me back on the ordinary road. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. Below are excerpts from her posts, and there are also links to each original post. A painter by trade, he’s an ideas man who’s house and yard is a collection of rescued materials and inventive projects. Required fields are marked *. I thought that was unnecessarily mean! 3.30 – duct tape (yellow!) (biking Slovenia), Full travel blog post here: Day 17 blog post. I also haven’t ever cycled exceptionally long distances. The old capital is picturesque and cultured, no half-finished buildings like in the new capital and plenty of pedestrians out and about despite the drizzle. In Rome I lost my way as I tried to find the beginning of another ancient Roman road, the Via Appia. I’d only bought a deck-passenger ticket which entitled me to move about the public spaces on the ship; the bars and restaurants serving overpriced junk food and that didn’t like loitering scruffy cyclists taking up residence on their couches, the cold windy decks, and thankfully a room filled with aeroplane-like seating complete with bony armrests where we cheapskates could take refuge. Bicycle Touring Italy – Week 4 Cycling the Eurovelo Route 8, Week 7 Eurovelo 8 Bike Tour: A Change of Plans, Ferries from Milos to other Greek islands in the Cyclades, How to travel from Mykonos to Sikinos island by ferry, Mykonos to Sifnos Ferry Services, Routes, and Schedules. After about an hour I stopped in at a little town hoping to get a coffee, but Croatia can be so expensive, the coffee was the equivalent of $4 AUD, so I decided not to. ), Read a post here – Camping outside Dubrovnik. Even when I get caught in the rain and drenched, when my toes are white numb and my fingers won’t release the handlebars, I love it. Jelena also set out on her first bicycle tour alone, and it was the best thing she’s ever done. You can find Cat's bike touring gear list here. Una volta arrivati in città, dopo aver percorso oltre 1.300 km in bicicletta, affronteranno la Maratona di Valencia. Slovenia is a stunning place for cyclists. We would visit both Dubrovnik, Croatia and Trebinje, Bosnia. 4/9 di bicicletta da turismo in Ranco, Liguria (Italia). Biciclette da corsa e mountain bike Pinarello, Trek, Specialized e Bottecchia. Il percorso EuroVelo 8, è dedicato all’esplorazione della costa nord del Mediterraneo, con 5.900 chilometri di percorso ciclabile da Cadice, in Spagna, fino a Cipro, passando per Francia, Italia, Slovenia, Croazia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania e Grecia.In Piemonte gli itinerari di EuroVelo 8 attraversano le zone del Cuneese, Torinese, Vercellese e Alessandrino. City bike, articoli ginnici, accessori e indumenti sportivi. Soft boiled cauliflower with olive oil and salt, fresh-baked dark bread, some strong cheese and a variety of preserved tasty things in jars. Once there was an old man and a young man. Maps can’t convey what landscapes hold in store for the traveller. I love the story – travelling (and living life generally) is all about finding that balance between enjoyment and focus. Minimalist to me means identifying the things that I get the most value out of – either because they are useful or because I enjoy them. On the upside, my leg muscles seem to have accepted their fate and weren’t even tired after such a mammoth effort. An airplane is drawing a comet’s tail as it falls toward a purple-pink horizon and all I can hear is the waves. 2017 Eurovelo 8 – 1° parte – Tracciamento percorso da Rimini ad Atene e Maratona di Atene. ... Il Blog del Cicloturismo . Eurovelo 8: l'itinerario del Mediterraneo Eurovelo Routes detta anche «la strada del Mediterraneo», è una pista ciclabile parte della rete del programma europeo EuroVelo. Nel 1° Step sono stati tracciati oltre 2.000 km da Rimini ad Atene. I’ve found that I’m enjoying the intermittent inland detours that the road takes. "Copyright Dave's Travel Pages (c) 2005- - 2020 ". The reason he didn’t move to Australia when he was fleeing the problems in Croatia was because a friend told him that down under all we have is “poisonous snakes and no women.” So Canada it was, where he did everything from painting to boating. Sei qui Home » Slovenia » Eurovelo 8 in bicicletta: alla scoperta della costa slovena lungo la Parenzana In un assolato fine settimana di maggio, approfittando della vicinanza geografica tra il Friuli Venezia Giulia e la Slovenia, abbiamo vissuto due bellissime giornate oltreconfine. Today, I sprinted along stretches of inland wilderness, reaching the bustling city of Sibernik just after lunch. I’d downloaded a basic bike manual back before I started out in Podgorica, but somewhere along the way it seems to have disappeared from my iPad, so I was quite proud of myself for fixing my first flat tyre entirely unassisted. But I have cycled a lot around Sydney and I know that when I’m on a bicycle, I feel entirely, dizzyingly, free. He’s travelled the world on a budget. Except for the gravity, I could have been biking the moon. Zana’s friend met with me later in the evening to direct me along the best route out of Cetinje. Eurovelo 8 in Italia – 316km 05/09/2019. Full post here: Balkan Wilderness Camping. About 8km from the Slovenian border I stopped at a roadside memorial to snack on some tuna and beetroot, when Zoran rolled past on his touring bicycle, panniers and all. I was kicking myself for setting up such a rushed cycle because the scenery was gorgeous and I barely got to see it. Sometime shortly after that I’m asleep. An early start with my gear wrapped in plastic, again I rode and walked the bike up more mountains. So I unloaded her, tied my sleeping bag, mat and tent to my backpack, took what I needed from my panniers and left her next to a university with bags, tools, and even the keys sitting in the lock. Next up is an example of why I love travelling alone and with only a very vague itinerary. 5 – bicycle lock I have wings. It seems to be a common thing, these unattended camp-grounds at this time of year. I had many things that people who start out with the intention of traveling by bicycle don’t bring, such as the boots, the art materials, perfume and jeans. Eurovelo 8 en Provence. I’ve even been known to let out a few loud ‘wooohoooooo’s, throwing a fist in the air when coasting down mountains. Often people will stay a while, help on some project and then continue along. Ad affrontare il viaggio è Paolo Pagni, CEO di Cicloturismo, sito web italiano leader di settore e stretto collaboratore della Fondazione Animo Onlus, ed Antony Ferrari. Jelena was the best host one could wish for, she kept me well-fed, entertained and relaxed. It’s not bad considering how cheap the rest of this bicycle adventure is going to be – camping or couchsurfing, and eating simple food. Filtra la ricerca per Categorie : Tag : Date. 2°Step di Eurovelo 8 un’avventura in bicicletta di oltre 1300 km da Forte dei Marmi a Valencia. In April 2018, he cycled 2,650 km along Eurovelo routes 11, 8, 5, 7 through Greece and Italy, capturing the sounds of fantastic locations along the way and creating a song with this material – and in September of the … News. Everywhere there are signs of a prevailing open and liberal culture. 4.10 – pocket knife (swiss army knives were in the 20-30 euro range, I just looked around the knife section and found a much cheaper knife with all the same attachments – win!) Around 6am I rolled out of my sleeping bag to find a chilly grey sky. I haven’t seen any sights, I haven’t followed any of the recommendations of hosts or travellers to hike to wonderful places or explore nearby towns. Then he sent me off with a hug and good wishes for my future. Eurovelo 7: il percorso del sole. Dave’s Travel Pages has a number of affiliate links placed within the travel blog. He then rode with me almost to the Italian border. It was certainly the most charming. This time I tied her up on the Perast side of the city, just before reaching the gates of the old town. I’d been told that the people one meets on Warmshowers are unfailingly amazing, and this, my second experience being hosted, only confirms it. Atene, vera e propria protagonista della storia antica del mediterraneo, è stato il punto di arrivo del 1° step di Eurovelo 8. I’ve found plenty to see and do in the city. If you decide to buy items through these links, you will be helping Dave to fund this site and perhaps the next adventure. Il percorso fa parte dell'itinerario Mediterraneo Eurovelo 8 And fear aside, as Nike dictates, sometimes you’ve got to “just do it”! I was expecting to make this my first night of camping, and by around 3pm was starting to consider whether to ask at a farmhouse or a church for permission to pitch my tent, when I came across Marko’s Flea Market in Mikulići, Croatia. Water bottles, wet wipes, garbage bags. I was pretty chilly too, so I quickly freshened up, ate a banana and some nuts, and packed up the camp. Per usare questo sito devi autorizzarci ad usare i cookie, ma non facciamo nessuna operazione particolare. I propped my bike up out front and wandered up to see if anyone was at home. It was one of the best rides so far – cruising over 30 kilometres hardly breaking a sweat, on a gentle road following the course of a river, in the sun, with good company. Easter Sunday was a big day. Details. Approximate total cost = 370 euros, or AUD 570. I thought it was an insanely adventurous idea. I started the morning at 6am with an orange, was pushing my bicycle up a mountain by 6:30am, riding through troll country until 9:30am when I finally reached civilization in the form of Senj and had a proper sandwich with coffee for breakfast. La Ciclovia EuroVelo 8, o Ciclovia Mediterranea, collega Cadice a Cipro e attraversa la provincia di Mantova sugli argini del Po. Troll country is mountainous desolation strewn with grey stones where I imagine monstrous mythical creatures the color of the rock live in caves and war with each other. Then he proceeded to feed me an absolutely delicious meal of pork stew, pasta and bread. So it’s not been a waste at all. There’s something in the air in this city, a freshness, a liveliness, I don’t know exactly what, but I connect with it. Showers – tuz” and the old bicycle hanging from a tree. 1.90 – 4 x occy straps (aka bungee cords) He’s a warmshowers and couchsurfing host, has travelled widely, often on a bicycle, and has done the Camino de Santiago trail three times, on three different routes. Along the way we wove our way through a tiny old village to reach a park, climbed down a hidden walkway to land on the prettiest little white-stone beach I’ve ever seen. 0.80 – soap box, for when I have something to say to the world, Local Supermarket EuroVelo8 Paesi. and new art everywhere. That little voice of mine hasn’t let me into irreparable damage yet, so I’m going to trust it. Podgorica doesn’t fit it’s unflattering reputation. Looking back on my cycling tour across South Europe, it seems a little debrief would be helpful. It would also be my first foray into bicycle touring camping. My dear little bicycle had been faithfully steady for over two months of heavy-duty work, and I had always intended to give her away at the end, and anticipated that she might not make it all the way through Spain. Il meglio per le due ruote in provincia di Treviso. Blog; Eurovelo; Ultimi news pubblicate. Hello Italy. In this Meet The Cyclists feature, Cat from down under shares her experiences cycling from Montenegro to Spain along Eurovelo 8. Di cicloturismo in data 05/09/2019. You will meet a rich cultural and historical heritage that dates back the ancient era, enjoy the natural beauties and visit locations listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. A close friend of mine left Australia some years ago to do something that to me was unheard of and totally awesome. Adela took me out for dinner that evening to her local Indian restaurant (palaak and dhal! Often when I’m riding somewhere really fast I’ll be smiling so much I actually just start laughing for the pure joy of it. Marko came out and invited me in, we sat and chatted and shared cigarettes and cake. Overnight there was a frost and the condensation inside the tent formed into little droplets lining the walls that rained on me and my bags. I rolled into Cetinje just as rain started to fall. If you ever are passing by on the coastal road from MNE to Dubrovnik, take a minute to stop in at Marko’s place and say hi. So my paints and charcoals, makeup and hair product are included, and camping cookware isn’t. Bursting into sight was a glorious view of the valley, surrounding snow and pine covered mountains, and the Bay of Kotor beyond. This time I didn’t get lost, but when I was almost at the town of Sueco and AGAIN the front tyre went flat, I gave up. Today was big. Luckily there was a train station in Sueco so I got the afternoon train back to Valencia and booked an overnight train to Granada. Seven hours and 125km saw me arrive at my couchsurfing host’s place just a little late, with sore knees, hands and bum. And then I cycled through Italy and discovered that they actually exist! I figure those scary nights wild camping alone in countries that I don’t know will just be another exhilarating “holy $%*#… how on earth will I ever survive this” experience that leaves me a more confident and happier person. Croatia must be secret code for beautiful country. 14° Giorno da Castellón de la Plana a Valencia, 13° Giorno da Tarragona a Sant Carles de la Ràpita. He was going to explore Europe on a bicycle and sleep in a tent. Anyway, by 6:30am I was cycling around the edge of a cliff, looking out at the rising sun.