"That's When I Knew" & "Birth" The Salomon Team trail run in Australia, first step of the 5 continents ambition! American Ultra-Runner Rickey Gates sets off on foot across America ! By SignPost MUSIC: It's been a fantastic season and we've enjoyed every minute of it. Written for The African Attachment & SRTV, The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes (Proust), Discovery and adventure are deeply rooted in the values of trail running and the mountains. Det presise kantgrepet, responsen og g-kreftene du opplever på en mer eller mindre racing-aktig carvingski er vanedannende. MUSIC The Squamish 50 is an iconic trail race held in beautiful Squamish. Kilian już je przetestował podczas kilku miesięcy swoich intensywnych sesji treningowych. In 2018, Courtney Dauwalter battled for two days and 205 miles on the steep, dry Tahoe Rim Trail. Along the way he stopped at Kroger’s Canteen – an aid station perched on a tiny ledge, 13,100ft above sea level. Emelie, on her first big international race, learns and get's inspiration from fellow racers. Co motywuje go do ciągłych poszukiwań kolejnych celów, następnej przygody, nowej i innej niż wcześniejsze? What do you know about Julien ? THE WYMAN HOTEL Olympus Marathon - Stamos Birsim. Jak myślisz, dokąd jeszcze mogą Cię doprowadzić i w poszukiwaniu jakich celów? Na rozmowę umówiliśmy się, zanim wszedł na tor niewielkiego stadionu w Mandalen, zanurzonego w mrozie norweskiej zimy. Ćwiczyłem też bardzo dużo w płaskim terenie, tam również znajdując nowe cele. "Time" What begins as a search for the true America, during a period of political turmoil, ultimately becomes a story of identity as Gates begins to find clarity and meaning in his own life. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ Wysokość 2000 m n.p.m., świat wykuty w skale i pokryty lasami, przed oczami Serra del Cadi. Max King and Ellie Greenwood’s love for running is pure. document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(s); Alle som bruker mange helger i året i et skianlegg burde ha et par spesialiserte bakkeski. In the last decade Anna Frost has been one of the most recognisable figures in trail running. Z każdym wydarzeniem wiąże się inna droga. Przygoda jednak zakończyła się nagle po ponad dziesięciu godzinach, po tym, jak Kilian przebiegł 134,8 km, biegnąc w tempie 4:35 i wciąż mając przewagę nad rekordem ustanowionym przez Kourosa w 1997 roku. Una marca astronómica que parece que tardará en superarse. What inspires them ? Above the Arctic Circle, to Emelie's home in Norway as she emerges from the darkness of winter, Emelie Forsberg only emerged onto the trail running scene in 2012. Travelling South along the famed Carretera Austral he discovers a people rich in smiles and a land littered with mountains and glaciers. Przyłącz się do akcji #RWBiegamCodziennie już dziś i regularnie dawaj nam znać na FB, jak Ci idzi... 16 wskazówek i rad, które pomogą Ci utrzymać rytm i wytrwać w bieganiu każdego dnia. We spent some time with him in his charming home town of Charmey. In Episode 1 of SRTV Season 04 we go on a once in a lifetime journey with Bill – getting to know who is and where his love for the sport stems from, as we unveil a story of true appreciation and friendship. Kilian remembers when he first met Pablo Vigil at a prizegiving ceremony for Sierre Zinal,and how he was fascinated by his personality and his simplicity. Odkąd byliśmy dziećmi, rodzice próbowali przekazać nam swoją miłość i szacunek do przyrody. Hailing from the high-altitude mining town of Leadville Colorado, Bill has a deep love for the sport of Ultra-Trail Running. Written for The African Attachment & SRTV „Żadnych gór, żadnych przeszkód, żadnej linii mety. Superlekka cholewka, podeszwa w kształcie łuku, w jednym kawałku, z 6-milimetrowym dropem: te buty stawiają wszystko na lekkość (199 gramów) i na elastyczną podeszwę, dzięki użyciu szczególnie dynamicznej pianki EnergySurge. Watch them run together and be inspired ! We linked up with him for a week during DCFC’s 2015 US tour and got to know a bit more about his passion and love for the trails and music. In 2015, in the race’s centenary year, Kilian and Emelie finally did. To ta mentalność jest sekretem Twojego sukcesu? Bo to jest dzisiaj najważniejszy i najtrudniejszy wyścig. Pomaga mi to utrzymać motywację w działaniu. Nick Danielson, Nils “Fils De John” Wydler, Michael David Hauser In a time of uncertain politics and a crescendo of differences, American Ultra-Runner Rickey Gates sets off on foot across America. Thanks for their help and logistics Just a few months ago, she was voted National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Additional footage thanks to Produced by Francois de Klerk Profesjonalista, jak Ty, potrafi błyskawicznie przejść od ultramaratonu do zdobycia Everestu biegiem, a potem spróbować sił w 10-kilometrowym biegu po norweskiej drodze lub stawić czoła legendzie biegu 24-godzinnego na bieżni. In this episode Anna reconnects with her identity and roots as she questions what running means to her. Get ready to be blown away, a new season of #SalomonTV films is here and THIS is what we have in store for you. Co mówi mu serce i głowa, gdy wraca do gry, przetasowując karty i zaskakując wszystkich, w pewnym sensie też samego siebie? Stepping from his comfort zone of the mountains and onto the track for the first time, Jornet set a torrid pace through the early stages of the Phantasm 24-hour running challenge at a quiet track in Måndalen, Norway, not far from his home. Teraz moja wizja się zmieniła, bo zrozumiałem, że to, czego naprawdę chcę, to nie wynik sam w sobie, ale droga do jego osiągnięcia. A rising star in the trail running community, Mira Rai has exceeded all expectations. Teraz wszystko wydaje się być w porządku, jednak zrobię kolejne badania, by mieć pewność. What could go wrong? Gaining over 2000ft of elevation in less than a mile, the trail is the remains of a decommissioned funicular railway. Mira's story seems impossible; A Nepali village girl, turned child soldier, and now a globally recognised professional trail runner. – To lekkie buty, bardzo elastyczne i dobrze wyważone, z dobrą amortyzacją, która jest ważna, gdy długo ćwiczysz na twardych powierzchniach. In the afternoon the weather changes, and during the night conditions get really bad, here's their story ! Dla mnie zawsze było rzeczą bardzo naturalną podążanie prosto w stronę gór. The mythical mountain race in the Swiss Alps opens registrations on April 2nd. The historic route encouraged travellers to take their time and soak in the landscape, as the it bent and curved around the topography of the American West. What brings a trailrunner to WS 100 ? The team run and they have fun! "Original Muse" Max King grabbed a running-pack and set off to explore one of the most iconic road on foot. By No Dancing! Exploring on foot is the simplest and sometimes the most joyful way to explore our backyard and often all it takes is just a small step into the unknown, to explore an infinite playground of possibilities and wonder. At the end of the day it's about sharing emotions and common values; trail running is a team sport, isn't it? Ed Caesar. Twój sposób uprawiania sportu wydaje się nie mieć granic. Lubię chodzić po górach i mierzyć się z nimi szybko i lekko. I to właśnie sam chcę przekazać mojej córce. Vídeos, series, películas y revistas de trail running, escalada, alpinismo, skimo y freeride con Kilian Jornet, Hermanos Pou, Pau Capell, Núria Picas, Chris Sharma, Fabio Meraldi, Marco de Gasperi, Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Adam Ondra, Denis Urubko o Mathéo Jacquemoud entre otros. How do they prepare for a race ? Trochę odpocznę. W wieku 13 lat zaczął startować w zawodach skialpinistycznych. Rickey Gates ran every single street in San Francisco ! Japan’s connection with the natural world has shaped its people’s lives and culture for thousands of years. La Frontière invisible. Nowy model jest w sprzedaży w cenie 185 euro. Route 66 was the first highway of its kind and for nearly six decades, the 2,448 mile long road, nurtured communities and towns. eighteen, so a break from traveling allows her to explore some valuable lessons Our time with them taught us some simple lessons that we often forget in the rush of life. We would like to extend a special thanks to the Auburn Journal [www.auburnjournal.com] and the Organizers of the Western States Endurance Run [http://www.wser.org] for all of their help. By SignPost Ganske enkelt fordi det sikrer skigleden også de dagene det ikke er pudder. Music Wciąż czujesz, że dokonałeś dobrego wyboru? Locals raced each other up and down hills and a sport was born. Over a decade later and now a sponsored trail runner - Rickey's love for the road has not diminished one bit. Scott J., the long distance running legend, talks about where he finds his strenght, his motivation. The Redwood National and State Parks From dark gothic alleyways to vibrant beaches, they discover a city of contrasts as they explore on foot. Into the Light. ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE COURTESY: Discover who Mira is, where she comes from and find out what drives her today in this short but powerful documentary about the Nepalese trail runner. Kilian and Pablo VIgil: Two different generations of runners and yet...so similar. s.async = true; "Colosseum" by Will Bangs. Product development - our way ! What do they have in common? Steve Prefontaine mówił, że nigdy nie powinno się marnować danego nam talentu. Katie Adams, from Idaho, USA, joined Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson on her Dream Trip to Norway. How can we learn ? "The End" Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever. To przypadek do zbadania…. Trening to moja prawdziwa pasja i poświęcam na niego mnóstwo energii. 176K meters of vert. François D’Haene tries to run the fastest known time for the 512-mile section from Canada to Oregon! British Fell Runners, Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens head to Iceland in search of the perfect downhill. Jednocześnie staram się zawsze zapełnić sobie czas i życie innymi projektami, które mogą mnie zainteresować lub mną kierować. Written for The African Attachment & SRTV Kinabalu intl. Katie Adams, from Idaho, USA, joined Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson on her Dream Trip to Norway. })(); Piotr Suchenia w biegu od lat zwiedza i podbija świat, realizując swoje marzenia. contentid: 'Runners World', Co napędza do działania chłopaka wychowanego w górach, który właśnie osiągnął wiek dojrzałego sportowca – 33 lata? Dążysz do szybkości, ale niekoniecznie do pobicia rekordów, które są jej naturalną konsekwencją. Powód? This is what happened at the 012 edition of Transvulcania. Plataforma de contenidos de montaña. Co cały czas napędza do działania chłopaka wychowanego w górach, który właśnie osiągnął wiek dojrzałego sportowca? El catalán Kilian Jornet se hizo nada menos que 23.846 metros en 24 horas. www.signpostsound.co.za Przyczepność też jest niezwykle dobra, również na mokrej powierzchni, co jest bardzo ważne”. Fundacja, która nosi Twoje imię oraz dowód miłości wobec Twoich gór…. "Make Me Fly" Bardzo dobrze czuję się w tym środowisku. The Journey by Selah 176K meters of vert. In 2018, Courtney Dauwalter battled for two days and 205 miles on the steep, dry Tahoe Rim Trail. title: 'Runners World', Every weekend, tens of thousands of people, line up at a start line to run a footrace. After cementing his reputation as one of the best technical ultra runners ever, the iconic Californian hundred miler is a risky proposition for Francois who continuously needs to get out of his comfort zone and, in this case, up his cadence, handle the heat and go toe to toe with some of the fastest ultra athletes on the planet. In early 2013, facing mounting struggles with injuries and motivation, she stepped away from the competitive running scene, unsure of where her future was headed. But he doesn't consider himself a runner. Tyler Courville's Dream Trip was to travel to Nepal with Mira Rai - and we did just that for him. MUSIC ""HOME" & "TALKING" COURTESY OF MUSIC BOX LICENSING Philipp Reiter & a team of German runners run along the former wall that divided their country. How can we learn ? Western State is what is considered for the birth place for ultra running. Here's to the wild. Learn more about the mix of commitment, fun, hi-tech research and interaction, that makes this crowd a very special one! Dzisiaj mogę przebiec kilometry po wzgórzach, jutro jeździć na nartach, a pojutrze wspiąć się na szczyt góry. Courir ou mourir. Written for The African Attachment & SRTV To ultralekkie obuwie uliczne, które marka planuje wypuścić na rynek wiosną 2021 roku, ale które już teraz można znaleźć w limitowanej edycji. Welcome to our Salomon store featuring the entire Salomon trail and fell running collection of footwear in addition to the entire range of hiking and outdoor footwear. What's the secret behind De Gasperi's longevity at the top level ? As a result, in late 2012 she decided to return to her home in Dunedin, New Zealand. Co jest Twoim talentem i jak zamierzasz uczynić go skarbem? In this episode we discover Kasie's home and family life as she shares her thoughts and feelings on running during pregnancy. You will find them out there, no matter the distance or terrain. You live in a city? Salomon Lab is a process of making dedicated products to meet individual fit and performance needs of Salomon's international team of athletes. By Holley Maher, From the determination it takes to finish an ultra to the dedication needed to make a bottle of wine, Francois D'haene is one of the world's best ultra trail runners. CREW ACCOMMODATION SUPPLIED BY: We follow Francois during his preparation towards Western State 100, the iconic Californian 100-mile. Jornetowi wejście zajęło 1 godzinę, 56 minut i 15 sekund, a zejście około 55 minut. Nuestra sección RADIO TRAIL, repasa hoy la historia y el futuro de la que para muchos es, desde 1974, la mejor carreras de montaña del mundo. 12 runners. They share yet another day in the mountains, doing what they love ! Far away from the realities of the chaotic world the wilderness offers us a playground with its own rhythm and order of existence. metrów. Kilian Jornet Foundation będzie wspierać projekty, organizacje, pojedyncze osoby, które angażują się w ochronę naszej planety. www.signpostsound.co.za, We discover Kasie's home & family life as she shares her feelings on running during pregnancy, Kasie Enman hails from the small town of Huntington, Vermont where she lives with her husband and family. A 2015 Salomon Running Academy young gun, Rémi went on to become the Skyrunner World Series VK champion at just 20 years old. Get behind the scene during this year's Advanced Week in Greece. Rok 2020, przestępny i przeklęty, zmienił życie ludzi w często tragiczny sposób. "Into the Light" With over 1100 Miles of street the film documents Rickey’s journey, and the people he meets long the way, as he runs into midst of one of the most iconic and diverse cities in the world.